Welcome to the model profile section. Here you can find out (in most cases) who the models are on our site. During shoots, we always take loads of stills with a digital camera. Some of these stills can be seen in each models gallery. If you are interested in obtaining some or all of the models still pictures from each session, drop us a line. Feel free to download the pictures in each models gallery, but they are for personal use only, and may not be reproduced or published anywhere else without our prior consent. Thanks.

Trinity, played by the fabulous and gorgeous RED, has been with us right from the start. She always manages to get Thomas really turned on, and really enjoys her work. You can watch RED in Slut Mode, Gala I & Gala II.

You can visit REDs site at:

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REDs Gallery


Rachel is played by the lovely Erika, who joined us shortly after RED and featured along with her in Slut Mode. Erika and RED get on like a house on fire and a shoot is never dull with them around. Erika holds the record for peeing 13 times during a shoot! Erika also appears in Gala 1, Gala 2 and together with Kiki Anderson in Rachel High.

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Desiree Blush

Desiree, played with haunting efficiency by Autumn, another natural redhead who has completed two shoots for us now, and we have her down for more (we'd be fools not to) see more of her at her website. All the pictures in Autumns gallery were shot very recently, work is in progress on this new production.

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