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We always take a stills camera or two with us when we're filming; and at the end of a shoot, we invariably have a selection of pictures of the girls posed or taken between scenes, particularly when the girls are 'filling-up' with water for the next scene - what do you do, sit around (well, sometimes) or take lots of photographs...?

Listed below are all current Kim Riga video productions, click on the title, and you'll be taken to a gallery of stills taken during the shooting of the production in question. We haven't completed the gallery yet, but in time they'll all be done. Some of the pictures have comments on them - enjoy!

Please remember you may download these pictures for your own personal use only, they are not to be used for commercial gain. We'd be happy to hear from anyone who wishes to use them on another site with our permission.

8.Piss, Spit & Cum

Smoking pee sluts who love spit and piss games. Sandie and Autumn like it wet, outrageous and sticky when it comes to lesbian sex. They piss in each others mouth, play saliva and other dirty games. If you like piss, spit and cum this video is for you. There is plenty of all three liquids for a true conoisseur to enjoy.

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7.Babes in Peeland

KIM RIGA's latest presents some of England's wildest, wettest and most outragous girls. Public panty pissing, pants pooping, masturbation and desperation games galore. Non stop action and gorgeous babes in peeland. Let them invite you to a wet ride you won't forget.

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6.Rachel High

This was shot in one day, and although Rachel and Kiki are prolific pissers, there was still some hanging around smoking, chatting, messing around and waiting for tanks to re-fill. We were also extremely fortunate in that our friend and photographer Corbyn Thorneycroft was available that day to take some extra pictures for us and to play the P.E. teacher in the final scene (throwing the girls out of the toilets) So, there are two sections here, the pics Corbyn took and ours.

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5.Gala 2

Like the first, Gala 2 was shot over many months and using various gorgeous models, and visiting various different places, this gallery is packed with pictures, and some good between the scenes shots.

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4.The Cherry Affair

Originally meant to be shot entirely outdoors, we were stuffed by the weather on the day we were due to shoot; although we did capture a spectacular back of the car pee scene from Cherry and Destiny. Cherry was a terrific model, who was an artist when it came to peeing. She was due to shoot a solo video with us, but became famous and disappeared!

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3.Date with Destiny

Destiny, played by the gorgeous Lucy, spent a day with us and we produced this, our first solo girl film; We do have other solo projects coming up, it's just a matter of tempering our enthusiasm for all the wet films we have planned. We loved working with Lucy, on this and 'Gala 2' films. In this gallery is a selection of posed photographs with Lucy in various states of dress (mostly undress) and because she is so beautifully buxom, lots of shots reflecting this.

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We like to put variety in our films, and this is what we wanted to do by making 'Gala' which is a series of three videos, all containing short sequences, covering everything from wetting to blatent exhibitionism. Most of the stuff in this film was the first material we ever shot. The stills in this gallery contain some superb shots of Nadia

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1.Slut Mode

Although not the first video we shot, it was the first one we edited; we'd already worked with Trinity & Rachel shooting stuff for 'Gala' and decided to get them together for what turned out to be this! We attempted to shoot this in the style of a video documentary

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